Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nelson Hollow Covered Bridge: Northumberland County

No longer in service, this covered bridge at Nelson Hollow, just 4 km outside of Doaktown, is the oldest covered bridge in New Brunswick and the only one remaining in Northumberland County. Also known as the Mill Brook #5, this covered bridge traverses Bett's Mill Brook.
On a sign posted over the entrance to the bridge is the warning:
$20 fine for Driving on This Bridge Faster Than a Walk

The Nelson Hollow Covered Bridge has a cottage style roof as does the covered bridge at Turtle Creek in Albert County. These two covered bridges are the only ones in New Brunswick with this style of roof. The composite photo above shows the Turtle Creek bridge on the left and the Nelson Hollow one on the right.


Mo said...

Fascinating. It probably sounds a silly question but why were they covered? Any particular reason. Never seem one before.

me and my camera said...

When bridges are made of wood, as they once were in New Brunswick, exposure to the elements invited decay and rot. By covering these wooden bridges with a barn-like roof structure, the substructure and flooring were protected.

I find these old covered bridges, with their aged graying exteriors, very beautiful.

Mo said...

Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense :-)

reader Wil said...

Very interesting! Thanks for showing. In Norway we saw railways covered with wooden roofs, but that had another reason: it is to protect the railway from snow. At least that was told to us.

the teach said...

These are beautiful covered bridges a distinct symbol here in the U.S. of a lovely country life. I'm sure it's the same in Canada. Thanks for sharing your wonderful bridges. I'm so sorry about the bridge in your header... :(

2sweetnsaxy said...

This shot and the ones below are great. As I'm looking at these I couldn't help wondering... why do they make them covered bridges? The one below actually looks like a house or barn minus the windows.

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