Friday, February 22, 2008

Poirier Covered Bridge, Westmorland County

Found off the Irishtown road, near the Kent and Westmorland county line, this covered bridge crosses the Cocagne river. Built in 1942.


Mary said...

Are there a great many covered bridges in your area? Are they all still used? We have one county in Indiana noted for its covered bridges, but many are getting too fragile to still be used.

me and my camera said...

There are 64 covered bridges still in use in New Brunswick.

Texas Travelers said...

I really, really like the look of the sepia.


me and my camera said...

texas travelers:
A sepia format has the power to transfer your thoughts back in time, as do these images of covered bridges: I think the sepia format is compatible with the age of these beautiful old structures. I like the look of sepia too and perhaps I should use it more often.

For The People said...

Nice bit of history.

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