Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Patrick Owens Covered Bridge at Rusagonis: Sunbury County

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Ann said...

To whom it may concern, I was just going through looking for the Patrick Owens Covered Bridge, and when I found it...it was to my dismay that the sign atop the bridge is missing the " S " from Owen...It should read Patrick Owens, this man Patrick Owens was my first husbands (Ernest Patrick Wasson,now deceased)great-grand father. My son also carries his name as in "Derek Owens".
It would be only right and fitting that the "S" be put back on as it was there at one time and the bridge is celebrating an anniversary this year....and it would also be nice that if there was any celebrations planned that some of the Owens family were invited.
Thank-You for your time,
Ann Wasson-Hickey

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